What Does Losing Weight Mean to You?

You came here because you (obviously) would like to lose some weight. You look awful in that dress which is 4 sizes larger than you’d like it to be or you’re scared people will laugh at you in your swimming trunks. Or maybe you just want to feel fitter and eat more healthily as you know its causing your body some damage.

Whatever your end goal may be, the fact is that losing weight is not what you really want, its the benefits that are associated with it that you want. Whether thats getting six pack abs, losing some inches off of your waist, dropping twelve pounds. The first thing you need to do is define what your goals are. Without writing down what you want to achieve, its less likely that you’ll ever achieve it. By defining your goals and breaking them into smaller manageable chunks each with its own specific time frame, they will feel more achievable. For example if you are interested, there are many healthy diets to lose weight that you can find to help you reach your weight goals.

Setting Achievable Goals
It’s important to keep your goals as reasonable as possible. For example, if you set an objectives of losing 6 inches from your waistline, you can easily break this down into smaller, achievable chunks of losing one inch every fortnight. Don’t try to push yourself too hard to soon. It may be possible for you to lose 25 pounds in a single week, but trying to maintain that level is a different matter. A better goal would be a weekly target of five pounds maximum. Don’t forget that along with your exercise routine, sensible and healthy diets to lose weight also help.

For many overweight folks the need to lose excess weight is simply part of the desire to improve their lifestyle and well being. They know that the quicker you weight is lost, the quicker better health can be enjoyed, and they will have not only more energy but a much higher self esteem. You may be tempted to lose weight faster, if go through the right steps, but rapid weight loss can sometimes be risky. If you do not take care, instead of fat loss, you may start to lose some muscle and even cause damage to your organs. The basic concepts of fast weight loss whilst staying healthy are not difficult. Just be sure to stick with healthy diets to lose weight.

Weightloss using Exercise
You should always consult your own doctor before you start not only so that your overall health can be monitored, but that you are in good enough shape to begin an exercise plan. Personal trainers are one way that you can use to help get you back into shape, providing you have the funds to afford it. Remember that losing weight should be seen as a commitment for life, and not just for a few weeks or months until you get bored. By not having the right positive mental approach, and look at is a way to change your life for the better, you will face the vicious circle of your weight yo-yo-ing, i.e. lose weight, then repeatedly putting it back again, which can cause more damage than being overweight in the first place.

Getting a Sexy Body
If your ultimate goal is to try to reach a certain body type, it’s time you had a reality check. Absolutely nothing is wrong with aiming to get ripped or to have your dream six-pack when you’re on the beach, but you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions first. It’s a simple fact that certain body types will never be able to attain .six pack. status. That’s just the way it is. People are built differently and their bodies react in different ways to food and exercise. For example, women who have had children, in many cases will already have their muscles stretched so far that they will not be able to get any level of muscle definition for their stomach.

Big boned people will never have a look of the stick thin super models on fashion catwalks. And, contrary to popular culture, many find cuddly men and curvy women extremely sexy. Making your goal to have a fitter, better and healthier body is all good. However, it’s important that you are completely honest about your goals. Becoming anorexic or getting an eating disorder in order to achieve the body beautiful is simply not worth it and you may even cause some long term damage. What you eat is important too and you should aim for healthy diet plans to lose weight. Just aim for the fittest body for you and no one else, and accept your body as it is, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.


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