What Is Low Testosterone

What Is Testosterone?
Testosterone is a male hormone made by a man’s body. Most testosterone in a male body is created in the testicles.

Testosterone helps to:

Maintain the male reproductive tissues
Stimulate production of sperm
Maintain male sexual function
Increase the muscle’s mass
Maintain strength of bones

Normal Levels of Testosterone
As with cholesterol or blood pressure levels, testosterone levels (or T levels) have a defined numerical range of that they consider to be normal. Both the brain and the testes work together in order to keep the testosterone levels in this range. When testosterone levels become lower than what are considered normal levels, the brain will signal the testes to produce more. When T Levels get back to normal levels, the brain will signal the testes to produce less.

Low T Symptomns

Low Sex Drive
Low T may cause lower libido (decreased sex drive), i.e. having a reduced desire for sex which may result in less sexual activity than normal.

Lower Energy Levels
Some men think that a loss of energy is a natural part of aging. But, lower energy may not simply a sign that you’re getting older, but may be a symptom of having Low T. There are men who have Low T who experience daily fatigue. Men who lack any energy because of Low T may find it very difficult to carry out routine tasks.

Sexual Dysfunction
For men having trouble wiht maintaining their erection, it could be more than just erectile dysfunction or ED, it could be also a sign you have Low T. But, most men with ED will not have Low T, ED can also sometimes be caused by low testosterone.

Changes in Mood
Mood changes, like feeling depressed, being more irritable may also be a sign of having Low T.
Causes Of Low T (Low Testosterone) or hypogonadism

It’s natural for a man’s testosterone levels to reduce as they age, but sometimes, having low testosterone may cause symptoms that may range from having depression to a low sex drive.

If a man has Low T, it means that his testosterone has fallen below normal levels. It’s quite natural for many men to produce less testosterone as they get older. But, it’s not normal for their testosterone to drop down below a certain level. A low testosterone level is in general considered to be about 300 ng/dL.

What causes Low T?
Low testosterone may happen when there’s some form of signaling problem between a man’s brain and their testes which causes a drop in testosterone levels being produced. Additionally, if a man’s brain feels there’s excess testosterone in the body, it can send a signal to the man’s testes to cut it’s production.

Another reason that Low T occurs is your body just can’t create enough testosterone because of a defect within the testes.

Low T could be because of hypogonadism, which is a medical condition. Your doctor will be able to diagnose if you have hypogonadism by assessing the symptoms by performing a medical examination and also blood tests.

Your doctor will also be able to decide if there are treatment options like testosterone replacement therapy (or TRT) which could help a man bring his T levels up to what would be considered as normal.

The alternative is to follow the natural approach…

How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

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