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Now is the time to take the decision to make positive changes to your life, and that really means healthy ways to lose weight and not putting that weight back on again. Exercise is an important factor in quicker weight loss. But it must be the right type of exercise. For example, some woman have rushed into exercise classes hoping to come out with a trimmer waistline, but instead end up dropping several bra sizes. This can happen to men as well, if your goal was to lose that spare type wrapped round your waist, having beautiful looking biceps won’t help to much.

The guide below will not go through all the exercises that you can do as that’s a whole book, but we will give you suggestions how you can pick the right type of exercise to match your goals. These goals are achieveable and show you how to maintain healthy ways to lose weight

1. Focus on one specific target area at a time
As much as it may seem important to work on all parts at the same time, if you aim to lose fat from your waistline, you should definitely focus your exercises on the core muscles (including abs). Want to rid yourself of underarm flab? Then you’ll need to work on your arms and chest. Unhappy with the way your bum looks? Leg exercises like lunges and squats will help.

2. Use strength training
Strength training exercises like weightlifting are some of the best weight loss exercises. Muscle building requires lots of energy, but the good news is it burns plenty of fat.

3. Do not just focus on your heart rate
Cardio vascular exercises are great for keeping yourself healthy, strengthening your heart, and making sure the pound stays off, but are definitely not the best exercises to lose weight fast. Best to work your muscles and not to just watch the heart rate monitor (if you have one).

4. Work out your whole body
Ensure all part of the body are exercised. Each muscle group must have a quick work out at the very least.

5. Make sure your program is alternated at regular intervals
Burning fat does not happen whilst you are exercising, but the period after you have been active, i.e. during the time your body is recovering and still building new muscle. Use two different training routines. One should be easy and the other hard, legs and arms, strength and Cardio. Work out what works best for you and alternating every day. In this your body will have time to recuperate and burn any excess fat. Another easy method to incorpoprate into your routine and healthy ways to lose weight.

6. Keep to a Routine Every day
To be bale to lose weight fast, a minimum period of exercise should be at least half an hour each day. A straight half an hour workout (thats non-stop for 30 minutes continuously; not fifteen minutes on with a five minute break) will increase your metabolism for the next 12 hours.

7. Look out for plateaus
After exercising for a while, you will reach a point (plateau) where it does not matter just how hard you try, you won’t be able to lose any more weight. Once this has been reached, you should then change your training routine.

By sticking to your goals you can easily achieve a balanced lifestyle with healthy ways to lose weight and regular exercise, as well as recuperation.

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