The Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets

Find out why Lady Ga Ga, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston fans, shouldn’t copy the diets of their idols.
If you’ve over indulged during the festive season, you may have put on a few more unwanted pounds than you expected that you would. You may be tempted to copy the diet regime of your favourite celebrity, and actually go on the diet that they said had already worked for them. But, before you do, here are a list of diets that you should definitely avoid.

Each year, there’s always going to be the latest celebrity who makes a diet claim. It may be the Blood Group diet, supposedly used by top UK singer/presenter, Cheryl Cole or the Baby Food diet, reported to used by both Jennifer Aniston and Lady Ga Ga. There;s a wide range of weird and wacky celeb diets out there, including one which alcohol replaces your food intake.

Remember if you simply want to look good, it’s not down to searching for celebrity weight loss diets. Celebs will have a whole entourage of people helping them look good, and have the financial resources to do what they may think it takes to get them the look they want for their image.

When you flick through glossy magazines or tabloids, you also need to understand that many celebrity images are enhanced through retouching graphics techniques like airbrushing to give the celebrities the unachievable body image which doesn’t exist in real life, but many will aspire to.

Some people will look at the celeb’s images and try anything they think helps them to achieve the perfect body they see infront of them. The reality is that sometimes it’s just not reality staring them in the face.

Here are the top five celebrity diets should be avoided:

5. The Baby Food diet

This involves eating 14 jars of (pureed) baby food every day. Fruit and vegetables are included but are pureed so they have less fibre and texture.

Chewing food is often associated with having a feeling of being full, so you may be better off if you reach for a carrot or apple instead of a jar. Eating baby food is also socially isolating.

4. Raw Food diet

The main foods in this diet are: non-homogenised or non-pasteurised dairy products and raw, uncooked foods. Raw diets are typically low in calories and fat and also low in vitamin D, calcium, zinc, iron and protein. Many foods may only be eaten cooked and there are some foods which are certainly more nutritious when cooked, e.g. tomatoes and carrots. You’ll find this diet is rather time consuming and you’ll still have a lot of chewing you need to do. Also note, if you use meat in this diet you can place yourself at risk of gastroenteritis or food poisoning.

3. The Blood Group diet

This diet claims different nutrients will be broken down in your body based on your blood type.

The problem with Blood Group diet’s are they are completely based on pseudo-science. If you cut out certain food groups it can never be a good idea (unless you’ve been medically advised). This diet could effectively result in certain deficiencies like calcium. You may even lose weight jujube curry take the restricted, so overall this is not sustainable diet for the long-term.

2. Alcorexia or Drunkorexia diet

Another A-Lister celebrity diet favourite, which means you will have to cut down calories and instead use these calories that is not eaten to go on alcohol binges. Due to the fact that alcohol has little nutritional value, apart from countries, you will be missing out on a large amount of nutrients that you need every day to keep healthy.

Whilst low calorie diets are a bad thing, if you add the drinking to this, it may easily lead to excess drinking and its associated risks, for example liver disease. Other side effects, being tired, we can and having no energy or quickly becoming irritable. So, by banking your calories to put them to use on alcohol is not only pure madness, it may even result in alcohol poisoning or even death.

1. The Dukan diet

The number one worst of all celebrity diets which has been reportedly used already by the likes of J Lo and Gisele Bundchen, is the Dukan diet which is essentially a complex for phase diet plan, which begins with only protein and no carbohydrates, in order for fast weight loss of approx. 7lb (3kgs) a week.

The problem is, that there is absolutely no science behind it at all. It works by restricting certain foods, calories and by controlling portion sizes. This has been mentioned many times by respected dietitians, that cutting out specific food groups is not the way to go. It’s also a very confusing diet, and rigid in that it’s full of French type foods that most other nationalities would not touch in 1 million years, like offal and rabbit. Even the founder of the diet, Dr Pierre Dukan do can has warned of associated problems including not having any energy, constipation and halitosis.

And 2012 was a turning point for the founder, Dr Dukan, as his name was struck off the French medical register. This followed his criticism for associating teenage weight loss with exam success.

How to maintain sustainable weight loss

Unfortunately, fad celebrity diets, whether they’re endorsed by celebrities or not are not a magic weight loss wand. There’s no wonder diets which you will be able to follow without placing yourself in some form of health or nutritional risk. Also, many of these fatty type diets only offer short-term fixes to what is for many, a long-term existing weight issue.

For some it may seem obvious, but if you really need to lose weight, you need to change not only the way you think, but plan your meals so that your eating meals which are balanced nutritionally and offer you a varied diet with appropriate portion sizes. Not only that, a healthy exercise regime will enable you to burn more calories than you intake.

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