How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

It’s definitely a hot topic. Women swoon. People mumble the word ‘steroids’, and shrug. Then think, hairy backs, deep voice, steroid rage and all the negative side effects related to this male hormone.

The first thing we need to get into perspective is that instead of rage, having higher natural testosterone (T) means less chance of being depressed, greater fat loss and more muscle mass. Although we naturally have it in our bodies, as it helps as helps us to look the way we want to, it must be remembered that it’s only a small part of a bigger jigsaw.

Having low t levels needn’t be anything to be worried about. If you’ve been diagnosed with hypogonadism or suspect that low testerone levels are a problem for you, then there’s something you can do about it.
Our body naturally transforms cholesterol to testosterone through chemical reactions. Cholesterol is obtained directly from foods like eggs and fats (saturated and monounsaturated). In normal circumstances, T reaches its maximum during the early hours, i.e. around five o’clock in the morning. Thinking logically, we have two windows of opportunity to supplement our body with the right nutrients in order to raise T levels; at night and morning time. So, we will mainly have a morning and evening routine.

It’s important to get your T checked by your own doctor. If you do have low t levels, and replacement treatment is prescribed, it will only be temporary and not help in the production by her own bodies.

Foods Naturally Raising T Levels

Obviously, given that our journey for creating testosterone starts with its primary source, high cholesterol, we need to look at specific foods which have properties that can raise T levels, e.g. fish, eggs, meat. So for instance, if you have a diet which consists of vegetables and also certain facts like omega-3, but excluding foods which are high in sugar, this will result in not only higher T levels, but lower body fat.

The Good Fats
T levels can be raised if you limit cortisol levels. Omega-3’s have also been shown to lower your cortisol levels. Including in your daily diet foods which are high in certain fats will, help you achieve this:

Eggs. Are rich in cholesterol, monounsaturated and saturated fats, which all boost testosterone.

Raw Unpasteurized Organic Milk. Is high in nutrients, the good fats, but excludes added hormones (which can raise your levels of estrogen) which are added to pasteurized milk.

Beef from grass-fed cattle. An excellent saturated fat source. Sourcing grass-fed meet avoids all the hormones which are pumped into the mass-produced cattle which are often found in your local grocery store.

Fish. A rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty oil’s.

Chia. A seed which is very high in Omega-3’s. Can combine in shake with the raw, unpasteurized organic milk.

Brazil and Almonds nuts. High in Omega-3’s which naturally boost T levels.

Foods with high levels of Zinc. Recent research at Tehran University found zinc increases T levels. Zinc inhibits aromatase (an enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen) from working. Including foods with high zinc levels (e.g. red meat, beans, pumpkin seeds, oysters) into your diet will stop naturally raise T levels by stopping estrogen from flowing.

Other Foods. Broccoli contains high levels of indole-3-carbinol (helps reduce estrogen). Garlic includes allicin (lowers cortisol; raises T levels).

Natural Supplements
T levels can be raised with certain supplements by blocking estrogen production, i.e. zinc (as above). Others will help raise free testosterone levels by separating the T from the proteins which are bound to them. Of course, there’s one exception; your local pharmacy will usually stock all these supplements.

Vitamin D. This targets the male reproductive system. Researchers in Austria, found that vitamin D significantly increased free T levels in men.

Multi-vitamin. Vitality for Men is made from high quality ingredients.

Zinc. Although zinc can be obtained from foods as above, we may also supplement this source. You could either: eat enough foods above, then supplement with small amounts of Zinc, e.g. 10 to 15mg, or; but by just using supplements, 25 to 50mg is better. Check by visiting your doctor.

Fish Oils. Use the best quality fish oil supplement like Omega Blue.

Keep Your Home Safe
No, I don’t mean where you live. Have you ever noticed your balls drop if its warm? Its a natural reaction for the scrota (balls) to drop when they are hot in order to move further away from your body, so they can cool off. Underwear like boxer shorts can bring your balls much closer to your body, causing them to heat up and as well as killing sperm, are not conducive to creating an optimal home environment for testosterone production. Also, hot showers after training or in the morning, can have the same effect of heating up your balls. A few options to consider:

1. If you do wear underwear, choose loose boxer shorts or even better at bedtime, nothing. In the daytime, boxer briefs are Ok. If you cannot wear loose boxers during the day time, ensure your balls have some cool air when going to sleep.

2. Cold showers. Once in the morning when waking up, and again just before bedtime. Additionally, a cold shower after a workout helps get rid of glycogen and lactic acid in your muscles. Even if you don;t like cool showers or live somewhere cold/wintry, focus on keeping your balls cool by spraying a little cold water on them.

Heavy Weight Lifting

Any form of resistance training helps increase muscle mass and decreases body fat, which results in higher levels of T. Squats, dead lifts, O-lifts are all exercises which naturally help raise levels of T but human growth hormone.

Testosterone Recipes

Now you’ve read about which foods can naturally raise T, so, let’s get down to including it in your diet.
Include this cocktail each morning and before bedtime; and have a cold shower as well:

T Cocktail Shake 1:

Tow whole eggs (raw or cooked)
Omega Blue: 3 (fish oil) pills
Zinc: 25 mg (typical daily dose)
Vitamin D: 2,000-4,000 IU

Another great shake to raise your T levels. Take thrice a week:

T Cocktail Shake 2:

Two eggs (raw)
Raw organic unpasteurized milk: Two cups
Chia seeds: One tablespoon

As always with any new food that you decide to consume, always check with your physician first. And if you’ve been diagnosed as having hypogonadism (low t levels), you should already have discussed this with your doctor.

Testosterone Levels – Raised Completely Naturally
Testosterone doesn’t need to be relegated to musclebound meat heads. By using your intelligence and research, you can maintain a well conditioned and healthy body as well as taking care that you have higher testosterone but most men on the street.

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