How to Eat Healthily in 10 Easy Steps

1. Try to use social media to get motivated.

There’s a plethora of online resources which you can use to increase your motivation and to become more accountable for your actions. Facebook, Google plus, twitter, you Tube, even your favourite blogs forums can be used to interact with other people faced with the same challenges. Online games like Fitocracy we invite you can have fun whilst getting fit. Some online communities have daily diaries and competitions which can also fire up your competitive streak.

2. Improve your diet.

Try adding vegetables into your main meals or fruits into your deserts. Beginning to exercise does not need to be boring or made to feel a chore, all it takes is some focus and setting yourself an end goal. The good part about exercising is that you will be able to eat what you like, as you will be able to burn it all off. But don’t get complacent and turn to donuts and sugary or fatty foods again. You will undo all the hard work that your new exercise routine has given you. The best thing is by staying with healthy meals to lose weight you’ll feel a whole lot better.

3. Playing outside will help you to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air every day.

You can take the kids to play, play soccer, or just go for a walk with friends.

4. Keep your partner informed.

Even better, get them on board. It may be hard to make changes when you’re spouse is resistant. Early on in this process, i.e. when you start, it’s critical that you share your thoughts, what you read, and what you’re planning, so he will she will know in advance what you’re aiming for. Whether that’s changing your daily routine, including exercise or cooking habits, or something more drastic. One thing you should never do is to force them to make the scene changes as you. You never know, they may see the light several months down the road, when you’ve achieved fitter, leaner figure and want to do the same.

5. Ethnic foods may seem rather strange to some, but surprisingly certain culinary delights can be had which are healthy too.

By looking at different foods from around the world, you can think of your journey as an adventure. For example, you could try healthy vegetarian dishes from India or Thailand. The Mediterranean diet has long been known to be extremely beneficial, with many local people living a long and fruitful life. Look at it as a fun, learning time for the entire family. You can still enjoy healthy meals to lose weight with an exotic twist.

6. Make your exercising as fun as possible.

You can create challenges not only for yourself but close friends and relatives. Are there any sports that you particularly enjoy? Taking part in exercise need not be dull or too difficult, just take it easy and build up your stamina gradually, for example by walking longer distances each day. If you are considering strenuous exercise, make sure you get a checkup from your doctor.

7. Red wine has been proven to have health giving properties.

So a couple of glasses of red each day in conjunction with your main meal can boost your healthy lifestyle. This is a perfect example of being able to enjoy healthy foods which are also good for you.

8. Eat more fish.

Many oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart. Sardines are packed in vitamin D (calcium), canned salmon have more fatty acids than virtually any other seafoods. Wild caught salmon is actually as nutritionally good as the freshly caught fish, and will cost only a fraction of the price. By including fish in your healthy weight loss meals to lose weight, you can certainly get the best value for your money.

9. Explore super foods. Vegetables.
Horseradish is rich in Glucosinolate which can kill bacteria and fight cancer. Also its an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, and potassium.
Cruciferous Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbages, broccoli have the benefits of a powerful range of disease fighters. One ingredient, Sulforaphane, increases enzymes which lower lung and colon cancer incidence.
Sweet Potatoes (white or orange), contain phytonutrients which promote eye and heart and health whilst boosting immunity. Full of beta-carotene (which reduces risk of breast cancer) and vitamin A (reduces effects of smoking).
Beets are a root vegetable which has several phytonutrients which are fight disease. They are also an excellent source of folates, which protects against colon cancer, birth defects and osteoporosis.
Dark, Leafy Greens like spinach, kale, are a good iron source, vitamin A, and lutein (good for healthy eyes). They also have omega-3’s (which also occur in seaweed; the main reason they are so concentrated in fishes).

10. Explore superfoods. Fruits and Nuts.
Blueberries (either fresh or frozen), are packed with antioxidants, which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyanins, which give the color to the berry, also has anti-diabetic effects.
Avocados contain the best type of fats (monounsaturated oleic acid). They also will block absorption of bad fats like cholesterol. High in lutein, which aids your eyesight, folate and potassium, which is likely to decrease risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke.
Walnuts, when compared to other nuts, have the most omega-3 fatty acid. These lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in your body and also reduce artery inflammation. They are a good antioxidant source as well, and contain selenium, magnesium and vitamin E too.
Sesame Seeds contain plant compounds known as lignans (particularly sesamin and sesamolin), which lower your cholesterol levels. These seeds are also a good source of phosphorous, calcium, copper and zinc.

11. Bonus Tips: Explore superfoods. Spices and Herbs.
Turmeric often used in holistic medicine to aid digestion and heal wounds, also acts as an anti-inflammatory, so if you have a a sprain or toothache try a curry (which often have turmeric).
Oregano have sky high levels of anti oxidants to the extent that half a teaspoon dried oregano will have the same benefits as a spinach salad. It also has the ability to clear congestion, and improve your digestion.
Cinnamon is blessed with one of the highest levels of antioxidant of all spices and herbs. Also it has a positive effect on your levels of blood glucose, giving you the feeling of being satiated and steady.
Black Pepper, Cayenne, Ginger. The fact that these spices give you heat in your mouth when you taste them is enough evidence to prove that gingerols, piperine, capsaicin, included all have the ability to boost your metabolism. You should avoid them if you have a previous history of being affected by hot flushes. Oh yes, they also have aphrodisiac properties — but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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