Calculating Your Daily Calorie Needs

Two main methods exist:
1. Calculating the number of calories that are burned each day, or;
2. By how many calories are required to eat in order to maintain your current weight.

The fastest and roughest currently available method for a calories burned calculator is actually based upon the general activity level and which may be calculated in one step using a BMR Calculator.

For more accurate estimates of just how many calories you actually burn each day, just calculate the total calories for the actual activities that are performed during a 24 hour period.

Note that calories burned per day calculations indicate the total calories burned during the time period that’s being calculated.

You can calculate a full 24 hour’s of activities if using your weight to work out your average calories burned per day, e.g. if your weight is 180 lb, your results may look as follows:

Calories burned calculator

Calories: 588. Duration: 8 hours.

General Office Work
Calories: 980. Duration: 8 hours.

Driving a light vehicle (car, van)
Calories: 163. Duration: 1 hour.

Food preparation (home)
Calories: 204. Duration: 1 hour.

Eating while sitting
Calories: 122. Duration: 1 hour.

Taking a Shower
Calories: 82. Duration: 30 mniutes.

Cleaning a home
Calories: 122. Duration: 30 mniutes.

Grocery shopping
Calories: 94. Duration: 30 mniutes.

Dog walking
Calories: 122. Duration: 30 mniutes.

Running at 6 miles per hour
Calories: 408. Duration: 30 mniutes.

Dressing or Undressing
Calories: 82. Duration: 30 mniutes.

TV Watching
Calories: 163. Duration: 2 hours.

Total Calories: 3,130.

Duration: in 24 hours.
Bear in mind that calculations for calories burned will be based on your weight. As you lose weight and the activity becomes much easier, you’ll burn less calories doing similar activities. So as you actually lose weight, you’ll need to periodically re-calculate the actual number of calories you burn each day.

In Theory

If you are using your current weight in order to calculate which activities consume the indicated number of calories, your weight will remain the same. If fewer calories are consumed than is indicated, then you’ll lose weight.

As your body burns extra calories by digesting food, you will be able to eat more than has been indicated by the calculations for calories burned.

The above statements remain theoretical and the figures indicated are estimates. By simple trial and error you can find what actually works for you, whether or not you use the calories burned calculator.

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