The Top 10 Shocking Celebrity Weight Losses

Hollywood celebrities claim that slimming down to play a ballerina and bulking up for tough guy roles mean that dramatic shape and weight changes are the norm for them. So ...

The Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets

Find out why Lady Ga Ga, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston fans, shouldn’t copy the diets of their idols. If you’ve over indulged during the festive season, you may have ...

What Does Losing Weight Mean to You?

You came here because you (obviously) would like to lose some weight. You look awful in that dress which is 4 sizes larger than you’d like it to be or ...

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How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

It’s definitely a hot topic. Women swoon. People mumble the word ‘steroids’, and shrug. Then think, hairy backs, deep voice, steroid rage and all the negative side effects related to this male hormone. The first thing we need to get into perspective is that instead of rage, having higher natural testosterone (T) means less chance […]

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What Is Low Testosterone

What Is Testosterone? Testosterone is a male hormone made by a man’s body. Most testosterone in a male body is created in the testicles. Testosterone helps to: Maintain the male reproductive tissues Stimulate production of sperm Maintain male sexual function Increase the muscle’s mass Maintain strength of bones Normal Levels of Testosterone As with cholesterol […]

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Calorie Controlled Diet Plans That Work

Thinking of trying out a weight-loss diet plan which is designed to offer you an overall healthy eating program? We have a number of 1,200-calorie menus which are packed full of nutrient-rich foods, like whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats and lots of of fresh fruit and vegetables. Finding the right healthy foods to lose weight […]

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Eating Healthily – The 3 Myths

Before you get too hung up on the image of ‘its all wholesome, nutritionally good food’ when in fact its bland vegetable soup, lets look at the reality. Many today are prejudiced against the concept of ‘health food’ as simply tasteless and not easy on the palate. Consequently, healthy eating is seen as little more […]

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Top 7 Tips Exercise Tips

Now is the time to take the decision to make positive changes to your life, and that really means healthy ways to lose weight and not putting that weight back on again. Exercise is an important factor in quicker weight loss. But it must be the right type of exercise. For example, some woman have […]

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How to Eat Healthily in 10 Easy Steps

1. Try to use social media to get motivated. There’s a plethora of online resources which you can use to increase your motivation and to become more accountable for your actions. Facebook, Google plus, twitter, you Tube, even your favourite blogs forums can be used to interact with other people faced with the same challenges. […]

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Top 5 Habits Making You Gain Weight

It’s a simple fact of everyday life, but each day we all make a decision on what we are going to eat, and want to eat, but many others have no idea about how we should choose how much we should actually eat. To some extent, everyone has at some stage been guilty of unhealthy […]

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Diet Programs That Actually Work – For A Change

The following is assuming you are already active and have a daily exercise plan. If not, please read the Weightloss using Exercise section. Much of the advice here may fly against everything you have heard about diets. As long as you have an open mind and would consider a healthy weight loss diet, then read […]

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Calculating Your Daily Calorie Needs

Two main methods exist: 1. Calculating the number of calories that are burned each day, or; 2. By how many calories are required to eat in order to maintain your current weight. The fastest and roughest currently available method for a calories burned calculator is actually based upon the general activity level and which may […]

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Health Tips and Healthy Eating

But, the problem is health that nothing is guaranteed, and sometimes even the most health conscious of use can get ill. Then there are the day to day stresses and strains of everyday life which can often wear us down. By taking action we may be able to reinforce and support our well being. Fortunately, […]

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